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New standard work on X-ray fluorescence

Prof. Dr. Reinhold Klockenkämper and Dr. Alex von Bohlen from ISAS have published a new standard work on X-ray fluorescence methods. The book titled "Total-Reflection X-Ray Fluorescence Analysis and Related Methods" (second edition, published by Wiley) has been commercially available since the beginning of February 2015. It is the only monograph on total reflection X-ray fluorescence (TXRF) worldwide and describes different applications of the method in extreme micro and trace analysis as well as in surface and ultra-thin layer analysis. The method can be used for various purposes in life and material sciences, in toxicology or forensic science, and even in art history or archaeology.

The authors of the book both look back on many years of experience with TXRF: Reinhold Klockenkämper, an ISAS scientist for 36 years, has been working with X-ray spectroscopy methods for four decades. Alex von Bohlen has spent the past 25 years mainly on TXRF research.

For more information on the book please visit the > Wiley homepage.

Treasure hunting in the data chaos

With a new software, ISAS scientists and their project partners from Belgium and Norway believe they might have solved a big problem in life sciences: The software enables them for the first time to automatically analyze large amounts of proteomics raw data stored in public repositories such as the PRIDE database.

This press release (PDF) is available in German only.


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